How To Make Stickers

People who enjoy arts and crafts most probably are able to find things that suit their tastes and preferences. However, there are definitely some times when you wish you could have something more personalized. One of the best and easiest ways to create a personalized item and use your creativity at the same time, is to learn How To Make Stickers at home. These stickers can be custom made with your own hands using your own photos, designs and clip art. They are a great gift for loved ones as they allow you to express your personal feelings. They can also be used as freebies in promotional activities or you can simply use them to make your room look brighter. Let us look at how easy it is to learn making stickers at home.

The first step

The first step while making a sticker is to choose an appropriate design. For instance, you can scan a personal picture or piece of art and then use an application like Microsoft Photoshop or Paint and add your own creative touch. Also make sure to thicken the borders of the image using the same application, so that it is easier to cut later on. This is the first step to keep in mind when you are learning how to make stickers.

How To Make StickersSticker paper

Whatever be the chosen design for the sticker – personal photos, clip art or anything else, if it looks satisfying to you then you can print it out. You will have to buy special sticker paper to print these on. Some people also know this sticker paper as vinyl paper or contact paper. The other side of the paper should have adhesive on it. When you are printing a sticker, you should ensure that the ink dries completely before you proceed to the next level.

Homemade adhesive

If the adhesive on the sticker paper is not sufficient, then you can use a homemade adhesive using two parts glue and one part vinegar. Apply the first layer of this adhesive on the paper and leave it to dry, and this can be followed with another application. Let this layer also dry up and then move on to the next step. The home made adhesive can be made sticky again by dampening it with water with a spray bottle or wet cloth. This is an important step when you are learning How To Make Stickers.

Laminate the sticker

Wait till both the adhesive and print on the sticker paper have dried up. This is the time when you should apply gloss to the stickers. This gloss will not only make the stickers water proof, it will also make them look professional. In this step you will have to use clear contact paper, clear tape or laminate. You should execute this step carefully and try not to hurry. You have to place the laminate, clear tape or contact paper on top of the sticker in such a way that no bubbles or wrinkles are created. This is one of the final steps when you are learning how to make stickers.

The best way to prevent bubbles or wrinkles from forming during this step is to place the sticker on a flat surface and use a ruler to get rid of the bubbles and wrinkles. Smooth the sticker with the ruler with one hand behind it while the other hand is holding the laminate or tape in place. You will have to be very patient while performing this task because rushing will only spoil the sticker. Once the sticker is completely covered with the tape or laminate, it is time to cut it out. The best way to do this is with a sharp blade or cutter, using scissors will not allow you to do this task with finesse. Be careful while cutting around the border lines of the sticker image. Always store stickers in a place where they will remain flat, like inside or under a heavy book.

Learning how to make stickers can be fun and enjoyable. At the same time, this activity will give you the satisfaction of having created something that you can call your own creation. You can let your imagination loose and see the results that you can come up with.